Learning a product or a process, our take on it

Post Pol Limited that it is way way way more important question then we think of it. The answer to this is technically simple but you just need to understand with the proper attention that what exactly you are talking about. First let’s talk about learning as a product

Learning as a Product

When learning is seen as an item, and a similar exhibition measures apply to all understudies, guidance can be decreased to cutout instructing: same snippets of data conveyed and same degree of help gave is adequate to all understudies. This is likewise noticeable in homeroom works on: furnishing understudies with a case of the prepared item and asking them (pretty much) to duplicate that – regardless of whether it is a craftsmanship venture, notes, schoolwork, paper or something different.

There isn’t a lot of space for individualization or separation, on the grounds that the completed items are the estimation demonstrating that learning has occurred – which obviously isn’t reality, yet may extraordinarily fulfill executives and policymakers. What shocks me is the way vigorously behaviorism is as yet stressed in training.

  • When we take it as a product the goal for the aim is always said to be on completing the activities provided
  • And this is basically to improve on the memorization.

The significant piece of finishing these undertakings is getting them right in light of the fact that these items are typically evaluated! Evaluation reflects remembrance and disgorging. Gifted and devoted understudies follow these solicitations and make a decent attempt to complete their errands properly, yet there are numerous understudies who simply leave them fixed. Finished items may show the “level” of every understudy, and let the educator know who needs more practice recorded as a hard copy, augmentation or something different,

yet they don’t tell when the understudy procured the ability, or if s/he has further developed information or fitness of the point.

Now let’s talk about veiwing learning as a process and not a product

Learning as a product

Now to understand learning as a Process you need a different perspective because now what you’re going to read is completely different from what you have read above in learning as a product. First in the layman’s term if I was a running as a Process is basically learning as a Process is a never ending process because we learn through every stage of a life for event will on every day every week for every year we learn from every movement of a life so it is a never ending process if we talk about learning as process.

The objective of 21st Century training is to make deep-rooted students. “Fixed strategies for instructing are deficient in light of the fact that learning is anything but a single direction measure” [3]. The educational plan and guidance must advance the mentality of proceeding with enthusiasm to learn [4].

This lines up with a contemporary examination of review learning as a cycle rather than an item, as a practical decision for information social orders where individual, progressing learning is critically significant. When learning is seen fundamentally as a cycle of obtaining and elaboration of data [5], the regular results in the homeroom are progressing separation and individualization.

Appraisal turns into an individual mission to contrast your own present accomplishment with your past degree of capability or competency – rather than looking at your learning against the accomplishments of your friends. Assessments are incredibly non-correctional ordinarily: slip-ups and second endeavors are permitted as well as cherished, on the grounds that they show the development in more profound comprehension and the stature of the expectation to absorb information. Isn’t this the formula for giving the encounters of progress to every single understudy? Furthermore, from instructive exploration, we definitely know how significant that veritable rush of accomplishment is for inherent inspiration to learn [6].


So to conclude this article whether you should take learning as a Process or product I would say it basically depends on the situation both the perspective are equally important in your life so there is no one perspective which is right and another one is wrong no it is not like that and it will never be like that I just got to keep the for the prospective together to learn every day and to perform efficiently which you learn in the product method so simply the answer is there is no one which is right and there is no 1 which is wrong it’s just both the perspective you got to keep them both and learn every day.

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